Marco Estrada - Starting Pitcher
W-L: 0-2 -- ERA: 7.9 -- SO: 18
Grosse Pointe Hit Men

Team: Grosse Pointe
2019 Team: Grosse Pointe
Throws: Right
Bats: Right
Born: Jul 05 1983
Age: 35

  • 2012: Rd 9 - Pick 11 by Garyville
  • 2015-08-18 : Traded from Sparks with Wade Davis (EOY), , Mark Teixeira (EOY) to Grosse Pointe for JD Martinez (EOY), Andre Ethier, FRY 2016 5th rounder (EOY), GP 2017 4th rounder (EOY)
  • 2014-01-23 : Traded from Del Mar to Sparks for Chris Carter, HC 2015 3rd rounder, FRY 2014 7th rounder
  • 2013-01-08 : Traded from Garyville to Del Mar for DM 2015 3rd rounder, JAM 2014 5th rounder, GAR 2013 6th rounder, GAR 2013 8th rounder
    2015SPA 00000000000000

    1Grosse Pointe Fryburg000000000000000
    2Grosse Pointe Fryburg000000000000000
    3Grosse Pointe Springfield000000000000000
    4Grosse Pointe Del Mar8108829010111300
    5Grosse Pointe Springfield000000000000000
    6Grosse Pointe Del Mar000000000000000
    7Grosse Pointe Pacific000000000000000
    8Grosse Pointe Costa Mesa000000000000000
    9Grosse Pointe Pacific000000000000000
    10Grosse Pointe Costa Mesa000000000000000
    11Grosse Pointe San Gabriel000000000000000
    12Grosse Pointe San Gabriel000000000000000
    13Grosse Pointe Königsberg000000000000000
    14Grosse Pointe Sparks5.2104419010110200
    15Grosse Pointe Königsberg000000000000000
    16Grosse Pointe Sparks000000000000000
    17Grosse Pointe Canyon Gulch000000000000000
    18Grosse Pointe Canyon Gulch000000000000000
    19Grosse Pointe Garyville000000000000000
    20Grosse Pointe Gotham000000000000000
    21Grosse Pointe Garyville000000000000000
    22Grosse Pointe Gotham000000000000000
    23Grosse Pointe Fryburg000000000000000
    24Grosse Pointe Springfield000000000000000
    25Grosse Pointe Del Mar000000000000000
    26Grosse Pointe Pacific000000000000000
    27Grosse Pointe Costa Mesa000000000000000
    28Grosse Pointe Fryburg000000000000000
    29Grosse Pointe Springfield000000000000000
    30Grosse Pointe Del Mar000000000000000
    31Grosse Pointe Pacific000000000000000
    32Grosse Pointe Costa Mesa000000000000000
    33Grosse Pointe Sparks000000000000000
    34Grosse Pointe Canyon Gulch000000000000000
    35Grosse Pointe Sparks000000000000000
    36Grosse Pointe Canyon Gulch000000000000000
    37Grosse Pointe Garyville000000000000000
    38Grosse Pointe Gotham000000000000000
    39Grosse Pointe Garyville000000000000000
    40Grosse Pointe Gotham000000000000000
    41Grosse Pointe San Gabriel000000000000000
    42Grosse Pointe Königsberg000000000000000
    43Grosse Pointe San Gabriel000000000000000
    44Grosse Pointe Königsberg000000000000000
    45Grosse Pointe Springfield000000000000000
    46Grosse Pointe Del Mar000000000000000
    47Grosse Pointe Springfield000000000000000
    48Grosse Pointe Del Mar000000000000000
    49Grosse Pointe Pacific000000000000000
    50Grosse Pointe Pacific000000000000000
    51Grosse Pointe Costa Mesa000000000000000
    52Grosse Pointe Costa Mesa000000000000000
    53Grosse Pointe Fryburg000000000000000
    54Grosse Pointe Fryburg000000000000000